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Venture Learning

Entrepreneurship Education For The Next Generation

Whether you’re a teacher, a homeschooling parent, or just a parent looking to help your child excel, it’s important to equip them with the skills they need for the future

Discover 10 In Demand Skills

The Venture Learning Advantage

Our Project Based Entrepreneurship curriculum uses the most effective modern educational approaches and tools to engage today’s youth. Learn more about each of our advantages by clicking through the list on the right.

Hands-On Activities

Engaging lessons that teach problem solving, critical thinking and creativity

Flexible & Personalized

Interactive curriculum that can be tailored to student and classroom needs

Learning Standards

Content that aligns to Project Based Learning and State Standards

Comprehensive Materials

Educator resources that empower anyone to facilitate

Student Engagement

Course completion certificates that provide a powerful incentive


Concepts and activities that bridge content areas and age groups

Individual License

Experiential Learning That Inspires

Our entrepreneurship curriculum goes beyond just showing an example or walking through the steps of the process as it actually encourages kids to create their own product and take it to market. Students in grades 6-12 get to experience a taste of what it takes to build something meaningful to them in the real world. Venture Learning offers a flexible, yet comprehensive program that enables independent students to learn at their own pace and obtain the skills they need for the future.

Classroom License

Kid Tested, Parent & Educator Approved

It all started in an elementary school classroom back in 2016. Our founder, Olivia Gallo, presented at her daughter’s STEM school career day and talked about entrepreneurship.  Only a few minutes into her speech and the kids were hooked!  The teachers asked her to come back with a program proposal, so Olivia enlisted the help of some friends and Venture Learning was born.  Since then, our courses have been used by large groups as well as in both public and private schools.



What Students Are Saying

“The program is easy to understand and a kid can comprehend it very well!”     – Jack F

“The videos are really helpful, and they explain the lessons in a way that is easy to understand. I love them!”      – Mollie S

“The lessons are great, I learned a lot from them. The lessons are also easy to understand.”     – Arwen Z

Innovative Courses

Engaging Activities

Comprehensive Lessons

Minutes of Video

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